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Avoiding negative impacts of a divorce on children

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2020 | Family Law

Minnesota divorces are rarely easy for the people who are involved. Parents who are ending their marriage should realize that their divorces are just as hard on their kids. There are a couple of things that parents can do to make the process more manageable for their children and avoid potential emotional or psychological harm.

Not letting the children blame themselves

A common reaction for children is to believe that they must have done something wrong that made their parents want to get divorced. Children do not understand the types of adult problems that can lead to divorces and might think that it must be their fault. Parents should sit down together with their children to explain that they are divorcing and that it is not their children’s fault. They should also avoid talking poorly about each other to their children or in front of them. Children do not need to be drawn into emotional conflicts between their parents.

Dealing with celebrations

Most children look forward to holidays and birthdays, and they may be used to the family traditions that have been established over the years. Holidays and birthdays can be especially difficult for children when their parents are no longer together. If the parents can agree to set aside their differences and hold joint celebrations, it can ease their children’s transitions into their new realities. If the parents are not able to hold joint celebrations, they should at least try to negotiate times for each to spend with their children during these important times.

Even if divorcing parents have a lot of resentment for each other, they should recognize that how they act during their divorces can have negative consequences for their children. Working with experienced family law attorneys might help them to understand what is in the best interests of their children and to act in a way that facilitates their development. Parents who get divorced will have to work with each other for years to raise their children, and deciding to do so in a way that benefits their children may be better for everyone.

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