Planning for co-parenting during the summer season

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2019 | Family Law

Parents in Minnesota may face some challenges adapting to co-parenting after divorce. It can always be difficult to move from parenting full time to sharing the process, especially after the parents’ romantic relationship is no longer in place. For the children, changes in schedule and increased uncertainty can make the transition more troublesome. However, the school year can help smooth some of these concerns as it provides ongoing stability and a consistent schedule even as kids become accustomed to moving back and forth between their parents’ homes. The summer can create its own challenges for co-parenting families, but parents can help to ease the process by keeping some tips in mind.

For starters, communication is just as important during the summer as it is during the academic year. The earlier that parents can work with one another to schedule vacations, family visits and other plans with the children, the easier the co-parenting process will be. When everyone involved knows what to expect, they can enjoy a more relaxed season. In addition, coordination is critical to parents sharing custody after divorce. Online shared calendars or posted visual calendars in both homes can help both parents and kids to keep track of planned events.

Summer can also be a good time to revisit existing parenting plans. As children grow, they will want to plan more of their summer schedules on their own. Summer jobs, internships, activities and plans with friends can take up most of a teen’s time. Both parents can help support their teens’ paths to independence and self-sufficiency.

Co-parenting after divorce can be a concerning transition, but families can emerge from the process with strong relationships. A family law attorney can help a divorcing spouse negotiate a fair agreement on child custody, visitation and other issues.