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How a DUI conviction in MN affects your driving privileges

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2018 | DUI/DWI

Just like that, you’re in the back of a cop car and under arrest for DUI. Your adrenaline is pumping. And now you fear that you’re facing a conviction. What’s going to happen?

It may take a little investigation to get an idea of what to expect as each DUI conviction is unique. In this overview of DUI laws, we will focus on penalties for crimes that did not result in bodily injury to others or death. What are they?

Here’s a look at the penalties for DUI conviction in Minnesota.

License revocation

If a judge convicts someone of a DUI the commissioner will revoke his or her license. The duration of a revocation will depend on an individual’s alcohol content (AC) at the time of the arrest, the nature of the crime and their criminal history. For those with AC greater of .16 or greater they could face up to a year of revocation for a first-time offense. First-time test refusal can also result in up to a year of without a license.

Plate impoundment and vehicle forfeiture

Impaired drivers may be required to surrender their plates and forfeit the vehicle. Upon license revocation the driver, if they are the vehicle’s owner, is provided with a temporary vehicle permit for one week. It is a crime for a person with a DUI charge to drive with the temporary permit but it is lawful for a person with a valid license to drive the vehicle.

Keep in mind that plate impoundment and vehicle forfeiture only occur under specific circumstances, such as for repeat offenses. Other aggravating factors include a child in the vehicle or an AC greater than .16.

Ignition interlock device

A person may be required to apply for an ignition interlock restricted license to have their driving privileges restored. In order to start up the vehicle, the driver must blow into the device as it takes their photograph. If the driver has consumed any amount of alcohol the car will not start.

While in drive the device will also prompt and record ongoing tests. A court may also order that the device’s location is tracked. Drivers who successfully complete the program may be able to receive an unrestricted license.

Regaining driving privileges after a DUI charge can take time. But you may be able to fight your DUI charges and receive a reduced sentence. Remember – the only way to avoid DUI charges is to avoid driving while under the influence.

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