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Legal Protection For Juveniles

It can be intimidating for both the parent and the child when a child is suddenly involved in a juvenile delinquency matter. Whether it is the child’s first alleged offense or repeat delinquent behavior, it is critical to consult with a Minnesota juvenile delinquency defense lawyer who can carefully assess the situation, explain the process and likely outcomes and present you with options for moving forward.

At Coodin & Overson, PLLP, our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in St. Paul and throughout the Twin Cities in criminal matters in both adult criminal courts and juvenile courts. Additionally, we have the unique ability to assist clients with juvenile law matters related to problems at school such as a school suspension. Contact us for a free initial consultation with an experienced juvenile delinquency defense attorney at our firm.

Juvenile Delinquency Defense

If your child has been issued a petition of delinquency adjudication (similar to a criminal complaint in the adult justice system), we can provide the legal advice and guidance that gives you peace of mind as a parent or guardian. We understand that the risks of out-of-home placement, county home school or adjudication of delinquency (the juvenile system’s equivalent to a conviction) are some of the many concerns confronting your family. We have the experience, patience and communication skills that are necessary to guide you through the process and preserve your child’s interests.

Minors can face a juvenile case arising from violation of criminal laws, as well as many behaviors that would not result in criminal charges in adult courts such as truancy, curfew violations, fights in school and other delinquent behaviors. Our attorneys are experienced handling all juvenile matters, from vandalism charges to motor vehicle-related incidents and allegations that are more serious. Some juvenile delinquency defense cases we handle include:

  • Property damage/vandalism
  • Traffic tickets
  • Underage drinking/underage consumption
  • Underage DWI/DUI
  • Drug possession or other drug offenses
  • Assault
  • Theft or shoplifting
  • Other juvenile crimes

When Your Child Is Suspended Or Expelled From School

We understand the importance of education and do not want a misunderstanding to single your child out and jeopardize his or her future. If your child has been kicked out of school, it is important to realize that your child has rights — and there are options. Coodin & Overson, PLLP, can step in to ensure your child’s rights are preserved and that proper due process is followed. Our ability to recommend alternatives can frequently result in a much more favorable outcome. Sometimes it is necessary to find appropriate resources to help the young adult with mental health or chemical dependency issues.

Free Consultation About Your Juvenile Law Issue

Whether you need answers about juvenile charges your child faces or how to avoid a school expulsion, you can turn to the Twin Cities metro law firm of Coodin & Overson, PLLP. We focus on helping your child obtain necessary guidance to avoid future problems or convictions. Call 651-319-5180 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced juvenile delinquency defense lawyer at our Minnesota law office.

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