A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

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A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

Legal Support After A Motorcycle Accident

It can begin as the best day in your life. You are riding your bike, obeying the law and enjoying the beauty of the season. Then from nowhere, disaster strikes. Another vehicle has hit you and you have suffered serious injuries. The future is uncertain.

Where can you turn for help?

Coodin & Overson, PLLP, is a personal injury firm experienced in cases involving motorcycle accidents, car accidents, wrongful death and other acts of negligence. We work to help our clients obtain the medical care and compensation they need to rebuild their lives.

Our attorneys are experienced advocates who work to maximize the compensation our clients receive. We will work energetically to get the medical care and compensation you deserve.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Get The Medical Care And Compensation You Need

Our attorneys will place a priority on helping you or your loved one obtain the medical care, rehabilitation services and compensation needed for recovery. We will:

  • Review all insurance coverage issues and identify all possible sources of compensation
  • Document the cause of the accident, assisted by accident reconstruction experts and other professionals
  • Work with your doctor or other medical specialists to determine the medical care and rehabilitation services you need now and in the future
  • Measure the full extent of your economic and noneconomic losses for inclusion in your claim. This will include your medical costs, any long-term care costs, lost income and pain and emotional suffering.
  • Pursue compensation from all possible sources, including your insurance company and that of the party responsible for the accident

Our goal will be to obtain maximum compensation for you.

With You All The Way

Insurance companies often resist paying fair compensation in motorcycle accident cases, even when their policyholder is responsible for the accident. In this situation, you need a strong advocate on your side.

Coodin & Overson, PLLP, will work vigorously to obtain results for you from the start of your case to its finish. We will be with you all the way.

We Don’t Get Paid If You Don’t Get Paid

Our firm takes personal injury cases on a contingency basis. That means you only owe an attorney’s fee if we obtain compensation for you.

Free Consultation With An Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, call Coodin & Overson, PLLP, at 651-204-8692, or contact us online for a free consultation with an attorney.