A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

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A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

Many Couples Can Benefit From Prenuptial Agreements

More engaged couples are deciding to form antenuptial agreements, which are sometimes called prenuptial agreements. These agreements can be created to accomplish many purposes. They are often used to protect the inheritance rights of children from previous marriages. They can also be used to protect premarital assets in situations involving large estates or to protect the property rights of people who are heirs to a family business.

Coodin & Overson, PLLP, has extensive experience in the creation of antenuptial/prenuptial agreements. In a free consultation, one of our attorneys can discuss your needs and recommend potential solutions for your situation.

Our firm can:

  • Draft an antenuptial or prenuptial agreement
  • Review and negotiate improvements to a proposed agreement
  • Provide an opinion about the validity of an existing agreement

For an antenuptial or prenuptial agreement to be valid under Minnesota law, both parties must have adequate time to review the agreement prior to the marriage.

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Protecting Your Rights And Assets

An attorney at our firm will review your situation and your goals. This will involve an in-depth discussion and inventory of your property. In creating an antenuptial agreement, it is important to clearly identify both the premarital assets and premarital debts of each party. Only then can an agreement be drafted that protects you to the fullest extent possible.

Some people hesitate when considering an agreement, thinking that its creation signifies distrust or lack of commitment. However, a premarital agreement can strengthen a marriage by eliminating potential sources of conflict or mistrust.

Coodin & Overson, PLLP, will apply our experience and knowledge of the law to create an agreement that enables you to move into your marriage in a positive manner. You will have the confidence of knowing that your interests are fully protected.

The legalization of same-sex marriage in Minnesota led to a number of new legal issues surrounding prenuptial agreements. To learn more, read our related article.

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