A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

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A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

The Uncontested Divorce Process In Minnesota

Coodin & Overson, PLLP, in Woodbury has a program in place for clients seeking an “uncontested divorce” pursuant to Minnesota law.

An uncontested divorce, for purposes of the program, is a divorce in which the following circumstances exist:

  • The marriage is a short-term marriage.
  • The parties are each able and willing to adequately support themselves post-divorce without spousal maintenance.
  • There are no children.
  • The parties do not own real estate.
  • The parties have separated.
  • The client is able to confidently inform us that the parties are substantially in agreement as to the division of marital assets and debts.

If not all of these circumstances exist, we can still help the client with the divorce, and it may be resolved amicably by agreement, but the uncontested divorce program does not apply.

How To Proceed

If you believe all of the above circumstances do exist, you can call us at 651-204-8692 and schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer in which we will confirm that your divorce is a good candidate for the program. (You can also reach us online.) If it is confirmed, we will then present you with a flat-fee retainer agreement that provides that we will, with your assistance and cooperation, prepare all of the documents necessary to accomplish your divorce pursuant to the reasonable terms you propose. The documents will then be presented to your spouse. If he or she accepts all of the terms and is willing to sign off on everything, there will be no further attorney’s fees. The only further expense for you will be the court-imposed filing fee.

If your spouse is not willing to sign off on the divorce package as presented, we will still be willing to work on your behalf to obtain a compromised agreement satisfactory to you and your spouse or to even proceed on your behalf on a “contested” basis. However, the additional work would be billed to you at your attorney’s normal hourly rate.

If you are interested in the uncontested divorce program, please give us a call, mention the uncontested divorce program and ask for your free initial consultation with attorney Paul Overson. If you do not believe the program applies to you, but you are still looking for information on your divorce options, we offer a free initial consultation for that as well. Call 651-204-8692 to speak to someone right away.