A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

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A Tradition of Service, Focused On Achieving Positive Results

Developing The Best Defense Strategy For Your DUI Case

DWI/DUI defense cases are not easy to win. However, they are not impossible to win. When you have a defense attorney who not only recognizes the challenges ahead but has helped people just like you win at these difficult cases, then you are in a solid position.

Coodin & Overson, PLLP, in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, has developed tried-and-true DWI/DUI defense strategies. With so much at stake — jail time, heavy fines and driver’s license revocation to name a few — you deserve nothing less than tried-and-true defense services. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Minnesota has strict DWI laws and harsh penalties. A defense strategy should take every opportunity to impact the penalties you face as well as the evidence presented against you. The following, while not an all-inclusive list, are several strategies for successfully defending against DUI:

  • Analyze the police reports. We will obtain copies of the police reports in a timely manner. We will then thoroughly review the police reports for inconsistencies between what is on the reports as well as what is on the implied consent form, the test form and the DWI form.
  • Examine audio and video. We will examine the video taken from the squad car at the traffic stop as well as the audio recording. If the stop and any interviews were not recorded, then your statements can be suppressed. In addition to requesting the audio and video tapes, we make sure we actually obtain the tapes rather than getting the run-around.
  • Look for police error. In some DUI cases, it is possible to have the charges dismissed due to police error. We will explore the answers to many questions, including: Did the police officer have a valid reason to pull you over? Did the police officer have reasonable suspicion to ask you to perform field sobriety tests? Were you allowed to contact an attorney before requesting the field sobriety tests? Did the police officer administer the tests accurately? For example, in the one leg stand test, the police officer is required to show the driver how the test is to be performed. Was the police officer properly trained and certified to use the DataMaster breath machine?
  • Exhibit strong negotiation skills. If a DWI case is not dismissed at the pretrial hearing, it can be negotiated between your defense lawyer and the prosecutor. We have significant experience negotiating with local prosecutors and showing the inconsistencies, errors and inaccuracies in the case. We are highly skilled in tearing down the prosecution’s case against our clients.
  • Showcase authority and knowledge in the courtroom. While your case may not go to trial, you can feel confident that our attorneys will know what to do if it does. From jury selection to opening statements to cross-examinations to closing statements — we remain steadfast in the ultimate goal of a favorable result for our client.

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