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Drafting Noncompete Agreements For More Than 30 Years

Employee retention may be a top priority at your company, yet turnover is inevitable. When employees jump ship, there is always a concern that company trade secrets could be divulged to competitors. Noncompete agreements can help companies avoid this.

At Coodin & Overson, PLLP, we have more than 30 years of experience helping companies throughout Minnesota take appropriate measures to protect everything they have worked hard to build. Attorney Paul Overson drafts noncompete agreements to restrict employees from spilling company trade secrets or joining a competitor when their relationship with their employer ends. He also has a strong background handling employee contract disputes. His comprehensive background helps him position our clients for the most favorable outcome possible. Contact our Lake Elmo noncompete agreement lawyers today to protect your company’s insider information.

Noncompete Agreements Can Protect Your Company’s Bottom Line

The strength of your company is only as strong as the contracts you have. Without well-drafted employment contracts, you risk losing company trade secrets as soon as someone on your team joins one of your competitors. We offer decades of experience in business law. We know what issues to anticipate that, left unaddressed, could put your company in jeopardy.

Attorney Paul Overson offers comprehensive employment law services to employees and employers to mitigate the potential for future disputes. He is available to:

  • Draft noncompete contractual agreements for Minnesota businesses
  • Negotiate noncompete agreements for executives and other employees
  • Negotiate revisions or buyouts for employees or employers
  • Negotiate for companies looking to hire employees restricted by noncompete agreements

Noncompete agreements are often the source of a contested matter. At Coodin & Overson, PLLP, we have the skills and legal resources to protect your company’s best interests when disputes occur. If you are looking to enforce a noncompete agreement or fight back against invalid terms, we can help you take the right measures to protect your bottom line. We seek to resolve business disputes outside of litigation, but we will fight for a courtroom resolution when in your best interests.

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We can help you take the right measures to protect your company’s bottom line through drafting noncompete agreements and other contractual agreements. Contact our Minnesota business law attorneys today online or by calling 651-319-5180 for an initial consultation in Lake Elmo. We are committed to representing businesses and employees in Woodbury and throughout the Twin Cities and Minnesota.