Can you get a prenup after marriage?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2022 | Family Law

Many people make prenuptial agreements before marriage. This legal document ensures that each couple retains some or all of the assets they brought into the relationship if there’s a divorce later. With a prenup in hand, you may be able to keep a home, car or collectible from being taken in a split.

Sometimes people go into a marriage without making a prenup and later regret their decision, while others may never have realized it was even an option. Since a “prenup” is, by definition, something that occurs before marriage, are you out of options? Absolutely not. This is where a postnuptial agreement comes into play.

What is a postnup?

Postnups aren’t much different than a prenup – they’re practically the same thing. A postnup is a legal document that protects assets from divorce, much like a prenup. The only difference is that a postnuptial is made after marriage. 

Not only are postnups made during a marriage legally recognized but a properly executed postnup can void prenups, allowing couples to update their asset protection plans. There are several benefits to updating how assets are divided in a divorce – even if you already have a prenup that covers most of your possessions. These benefits may include the following:

  • Protecting newly acquired assets (inheritance, investments, etc.)
  • Protecting a newly formed business
  • Redefine expectations with your spouse
  • Simplifying the divorce process
  • Save money on a divorce

If you’re considering protecting your assets with a prenup or postnup, you should reach out for legal help when creating these complicated legal documents. That’s the best way to protect your future interests.