Reasons why women initiate divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2021 | Divorce

The decision to divorce is often a difficult one for couples. Women initiate divorce more than men. About 50% of married couples divorce, and women initiate the divorce in 80% of these cases. In many cases, women remain loyal and committed to their marriages for as long as they can, so once they decide to end the relationship, irreversible damage has already been done. If you live in Minnesota and are seriously considering divorce, it’s important to know why many women choose to end their marriages.

Financial issues

In today’s world, money is one of the main reasons couples divorce. Women seek security in their relationships. If there isn’t enough money to take care of children and household bills, or if a spouse is not spending or saving the money in a way that is best for the family, these situations can lead to divorce.


Infidelity can lead to divorce, but this is not always the case when the husband cheats. Some women are hurt and angry to learn their husbands are having affairs, but they are usually more willing to work things out than a man would be if his wife cheated. Women do not as often entertain the thought of having an affair unless their needs are not being met at home. So, even if the woman is the one who had the affair, she is still more likely to initiate the divorce.

Substance abuse

A shocking 45% of couples decide to separate due to substance abuse or dependence. When one spouse is addicted to drugs or alcohol, this can put a significant emotional and financial strain on the family.

If you are considering ending yoru marriage, speak to your Minnesota family law attorney about ways you can make your divorce proceedings more efficient.