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Education level and divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Divorce

Some marriages in Minnesota will eventually end in divorce. There are many factors that impact how like you are to get divorced, including your age and education level. Multiple studies have looked at how education can impact your chances of getting divorced.

Divorce was once reserved for individuals who well off because it was much more difficult to get divorced decades ago. Today, individuals who are less financially stable are much more likely to get divorced. Family law researchers have found that low education level is correlated with divorce.

Couples who marry at an older age and who are more educated are less likely to get divorced. Higher education is often associated with greater income. This can ease the burden of financial difficulties many couples face and promote greater stability in the marriage.

Statistics show that a college degree can influence the chances that a marriage will succeed. Women with a college degree have a 78% chance of staying married while women who only have a high school diploma have a 40% likelihood of staying married.

Chances of staying married has increased among millennials. Many young adults are now opting to attain higher education levels and become financially stable before getting married. This can prevent the strain that comes with financial struggles and unsatisfactory division of household responsibilities.

Researchers believe that more educated individuals may look for partners who are similar to them in terms of education, values and financial stability. This can promote equality and greater stability within the marriage.

If you are facing a divorce, an attorney with experience in family law may be able to help you understand your options. Just like trends in divorce have changed over the years, state laws regarding child support, custody and visitation change over time. Consulting an attorney may help you understand how a divorce could impact your future.

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