When Can Stepparents Adopt Their Stepchildren?

Coodin & Overson, PLLP assists families who wish to accomplish a step-parent adoption where circumstances allow it to occur.

For a step-parent adoption to occur, it is necessary that the following circumstances exist:

  • The other biological parent of the child is either deceased, has abandoned the child, or consents to the adoption.
  • The other spouse desires that the adoption occur.
  • The adopting spouse desires to assume all the legal obligations a parent has to his or her natural child, including supporting the child, child support in the event of a divorce, and the child's entitlement to a portion of his or her estate in the event of death while the child is still a minor.
  • If the child is age 14 or older, the child wants the adoption to occur.

If all of these circumstances exist, we can efficiently accomplish the step-parent adoption, and it usually only requires one or two court appearances.

If you believe all of the above circumstances do exist, you can call us and schedule a free initial consultation in which we will confirm that you can adopt your step-child.

With your assistance and cooperation, we will prepare all of the documents necessary to accomplish your adoption. And guide you through the process. The documents will then be presented to the District Court in the county where you live and a court hearing will be scheduled. We will attend the court hearing with you to make sure the adoption goes through smoothly.

The only further expense for you will be the court–imposed filing fee.

If you are interested in step-parent adoption,

please give us a call at (651) 319-5180 and ask for your free initial consultation with attorney Paul Overson.