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Divorce — contested or uncontested — can be as painful as a death in the family. Everything changes, from your living situation and your finances to your relationship with your children. It can be a time of great bitterness and uncertainty, and a few lawyers are content to exploit these feelings by encouraging conflict in the hopes of prolonging the case and sending out even higher bills.

But at Coodin & Overson, PLLP, in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, our family law attorneys strive for the process to be swift, lasting and inexpensive. To that end, we encourage clients to consider divorce mediation or collaborative law as an option for achieving an equitable resolution for both parties. By choosing to use divorce mediation or collaborative law instead of divorce litigation, you maintain control of the process and can reach an agreement in weeks that could take months or years in family court. With that said, we do whatever it takes to protect our clients' rights. If an uncooperative or spiteful spouse refuses to cooperate, we are ready, willing and able to advocate in court. Contact us today for a free consultation about your divorce or other Minnesota family law case.

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Our Lake Elmo divorce attorneys encourage clients to engage in early neutral evaluation (ENE). ENE involves discussing finances, custody and other matters in a non-confrontational forum. While ENE is not mandatory, our lawyers encourage it, because it allows our clients to be open about their concerns and involved in their futures.

Consider Divorce Mediation

Paul Overson is a divorce mediator and attorney. He is registered with the Supreme Court of Minnesota as a qualified neutral under rule 114 of the Minnesota Rules of General Practice. As a mediator, he serves as a neutral facilitator in the divorce process. Through mediation, divorcing couples can reach decisions regarding all aspects of divorce, including:

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