Planning For Your Future

A comprehensive estate plan can provide you and your family with peace of mind and protection. An estate plan can be established or modified at virtually any stage in life. In fact, if you have recently had a major life change — a marriage, a new business, a new child or a death in the family, for example — it is wise to review your plan with your attorney.

At Coodin & Overson, PLLP, in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, our attorneys assist individuals and couples with their estate planning needs. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your estate planning or probate questions and concerns.

How We Help

Coodin & Overson, PLLP, provides a wide range of estate planning services for a wide variety of individuals. This includes simple wills for single people, young married couples and domestic partners. It also includes revocable trusts and irrevocable trusts to protect your family assets for the benefit of your children and grandchildren — indeed, these tools can often be leveraged to avoid steep estate taxes.

Coodin & Overson, PLLP, can also help you establish a power of attorney and a health care directive (or living will) to express your health care wishes should you ever end up in a terminal condition and unable to speak for yourself.

Contact A Minnesota Estate Planning And Probate Attorney

Many people tend to procrastinate, putting off estate planning until it is too late. Coodin & Overson, PLLP, makes the process easy and efficient. Start today by doing two things: (1) contact us to make an appointment; and (2) print out and complete the attached worksheet.

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